Accelerating success with science.

With the right chemistry and nutrient combinations, growers can build biology back into the soil and help plants thrive.

Improved Root Growth

Better roots secure your livelihood. In addition to helping create a sturdy foundation of dense new roots, our distinctive crop inputs give existing roots a boost. With a robust and more expansive root system, plants can gain access to nutrients that were previously out of reach.

Better Cation Exchange Capacity

Plants can store and access more nutrients when soil is conditioned for success. Our products are rich nutritional and carbon sources that boost soil health and accelerate the development and efficiency of beneficial microbes in the earth. This not only helps to build organic matter back into the soil, but also optimizes the release of essential nutrients necessary for growth.

Protection from Disease and Pest Pressure

Nutrient deficiency or imbalance can significantly increase susceptibility of crop plants to pathogen attack. Our micronutrients are loaded with active mineral components that encourage plant health and resilience. When applied at GS23, during stem elongation stages in cereals, or at first flower open in canola and pulses, INFINITY products offer an effective and systematic response to crop leaf diseases.

Stronger Stalks

Be it rain or wind, nature can destroy progress in an instant. INFINITY products help improve stalk integrity, strength and standability. We give plants a robust start so they can flourish.

Bigger Heads in Cereals

INFINITY products help maximize genetic potential. By stimulating metabolism, increasing enzyme activity and acting as a catalyst in plant respiration, we are ensuring the best possible environment for development and growth.

Increased Leafing and More Pods per Plant in Pulses and Canola

Our quality products have a pronounced effect on growth and chlorophyll synthesis. The pairing of select minerals and fulvic acid enhances permeability of cell membranes, increases cell division and promotes cell elongation which in turn improves nutrient uptake, efficiency and production capacity.

Better Resilience to Drought and Stress

Our precision formulas can correct deficiencies and restore natural balance. The various minerals and fulvic acid in our products act as natural detoxifiers for many common pollutants.