Enhancing nutrient availability and plant attributes.

We’re reaping the benefits of quality manufacturing and leading-edge technology.

Beneficial Connections

For over 30 years, our manufacturer has used plant-derived polymers in their Flavonol Polymer Technology (FPT). This proprietary plant-derived technology not only provides a nitrogen boost within the plant tissue, it encapsulates polyphosphate to prevent tie-up, and chelates nutrients to allow for better uptake.

With FPT, micronutrients are chelated within the ‘sweet spot’ – not too loosely but not too tightly. It means that plants get a consistent source of nutrients over an extended period of time and growers get results.

Natural Solution

Since FPT is derived from natural sources, it can be easily broken down over time by soil biology without concerns about adverse effects in soil applications. It’s also absorbed and used more effectively than other products because it is recognized by plants as being intrinsic to their makeup.

In addition to FPT, we are harnessing the power of Targeted Molecular Expression (TME). This gives us the ability to continually fine tune chemistries that address growing challenges such as extreme pH soil conditions, nutrient tie-up, and low microbial activity.

But most importantly, it provides us with the opportunity to deliver next generation products that are rich in nutritional compounds and carbon sources, and meet evolving industry needs.