Processed to ensure dense, high quality granules, this innovative and highly effective product can withstand pressures of more than 1400 psi under ambient dry conditions. When paired with moisture, Gro-Maxx 3.0 will conveniently release humic to chelate adjacent essential nutrients, boost soil health and speed results.

Technical Data

Specific Gravity

pH @68°F


Freezing Point

Composition Guaranteed Analysis

Humic Acid 3.6%

Use Guidelines

  • 1 kg Gro-Maxx 3.0 per acre based on 30-80 lbs (14-36 kg) fertilizer per acre
  • 2 kg Gro-Maxx 3.0 per acre for fertilizer use over 80 lbs (36 kg) per acre
Gro-Maxx 3.0 is hydrophilic in nature, meaning that any moisture will soften the granule quickly. Make sure fertilizer is dry when adding Gro-Maxx 3.0 or if any dampness is detected it is strongly recommended that the blend be used immediately.