PhycoTerra®, a superior soil microbial food, wakes up starving, dormant microbes in your soil.

There’s giant potential in your soil. Wake them up with PhycoTerra®. Smart Solutions is ready to show you how to improve yields and ROI by delivering a balanced, formulated meal to the soil microbiome.

Wake up your sleeping giant

PhycoTerra® soil microbial food drives yield and crop quality by activating the microbes responsible for your soil’s health and crop productivity. Active microbes are necessary for healthy soil and critical for crop growth and development. By promoting active carbon to the soil, PhycoTerra® puts microbes to work improving soil aggregation and increasing the water and nutrient availability crops need.

PhycoTerra® is field proven to increase yield and quality across various soil and crop types. Its compatibility and flexibility for pre-plant sprays, in-furrow or side banded and pre-emergence sprays make it a great choice to use alongside the fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides in your existing cropping system.

75% of the microbes in your soil are dormant. Wake them up with PhycoTerra®.

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